High Five for Friday!

1. I feel like I can really high five- since it really is Friday to me! For a year we've lived with our weekends in the middle of the week- Wed/Thurs or Mon/Tues. Josh's schedule has finally normalized (at least for now) and I'm happy to have a normal person schedule again! Although it was nice with him being off in the middle of the week- going to Dr. appts without the kids was a breeze- I'm happy with this schedule!

2. We did all the "fall" stuff last week! We visited the pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, went to a harvest festival at Luke's preschool and the of course Halloween. It was super fun. I liked leaving everything until last week because it really felt festive last week!

{yes it's sitting on the toilet- needed a dark space to test it out}
3. I busted out my sewing machine and I have been making some items over at my shop! It really is therapy to sew so I'm excited about other things I have planned!

4. Be still my heart... my baby is turning into a toddler. Most people say this transition happens at a year. But I beg to differ. Emmie wasn't even walking at a year. So to see her walk right out to play with brother may have made me misty-eyed.

5. We've had a rough sleeping week with sick littles. I'm ready for spring. We have the humidifiers going, vicks busted out, and tissues on hand. Already been to the doctor this week and cleaned up puke. And my amazing children who sleep all night have been up at 6am everyday. Oyyyy. I'm exhausted!

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