Purge 50

One of my goals last month was to read. I hated reading as a kid, but really got into it after college. Actually I had an AWESOME Children's Literature professor who inspired me to read more kids chapter books (you know, those book I SHOULD have read in school but never did). You can say Cliff and I were buddies in high school ;) I actually turned technology off for a day a few weeks ago and I was able to read 30% of a new book. That was more than I've read in a year. Amazing what you can do with very little distractions.

Anyways, I love reading. And ever since having kids that has totally gone by the wayside. I bought a kindle a few years ago and really enjoyed the "digital" experience. I still love a good book in my hand, but the ease of the kindle was amazing. Then I *think* I left it in a hotel. Is it stolen if it is never returned? I never know what to say "I lost it" or "someone stole it".

I can't blame me not reading on losing my kindle because I've checked books out from the library and let them sit for weeks. I ended up returning them because I just didn't have time to read.

But I am making it a priority because I miss it. So I downloaded a book (on the kindle app on the iPad) called "Seven" by Jen Hatmaker. If you haven't heard of her, I'm sorry. I was drawn to this particular book in an effort to streamline and declutter. I'm only on chapter 3 and have been super inspired by her desire for less. The book is pretty extreme as far as the "seven" idea (seven foods for a month, seven items of clothing, etc.) but it really makes you see and analyze what we truly can live without.

I did purge 100 a few years ago and it was an AMAZING feeling. Nothing is safe. I pretty much stay on top of our outgrown kids clothes because of consignment sales. But there is other stuff sitting around just collecting dust. So I decided to challenge myself again. Since we just moved (and since I have physically touched everything in our house... twice in the past year) I lowered the bar to 50 items. I did a lot of purging when we moved. But there is still great deal of stuff that I don't need/use.

Enough words... onto the pictures:
{this is 24 items}
{this is 26 items)

Josh actually took a major part in the photo above. He was like "aren't you doing that cleaning out whatchamacallit. I need to clean my side of the closet." 

A few areas that I struggled cleaning:

*Our closet. I am still in that stage where I haven't lost all my baby weight, and I'm not happy with where I am. But I need clothes that I can fit into now. I actually don't own a lot of clothes. I prefer the less is more approach. But I was able to part with a good bit that I just never wear. I really like the idea of a wardrobe capsule and although I haven't "curated" one, I took a lot of tips from people who have. If you don't love it let it go. Let is goooooooooooo. (seriously the Frozen addiction in this house is unreal).
And seeing how many hangers I had left over makes me smile!

*Kitchen utensils.  You know, those random skewers you used twice a year? Or the fondue pokers you used once since the wedding. I did keep anything I thought we may use, but I tossed plastic spoons that I felt were melted and gross and replaced with some I had stashed away.

*Books- infact I didn't part with one unless they were baby related. I just love books.

I am just amazed at how quickly we amass things we.dont.need. Excess. It's ridiculous. And as I was in the middle of this purge I made a grocery trip to Target. I was pulling out of our subdivision and realized I didn't have my sunglasses (you know you get to that ONE spot and suddenly are blinded). You know what thought actually went through my mind? "Oh I can just grab another pair at Target!" REALLY?! Have I learned NOTHING from this experience? I was actually embarrassed that I thought it instead of thinking about turning around and grabbing mine from the counter. No- that would require way too much work!

I wish I could let go more than I did, but I was very critical about things I kept. Those colors of nail polish I never use? Someday Emmie will paint her toes electric blue ;) There is something to be said for a house being filled with memories; I just need to find that balance of keeping the special stuff and letting go of the not so special.

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