High Five for Friday!

I knew going into this week that it was going to be crazy. It seems like we had something "different" going on everyday. And while I LOVE different, I also crave routine. But here are some highlights from the week!

1. I finished painting the kids bathroom (hallelujah?!). I just need to doll it up with accessories before I snap a few pictures. I am LOVING the lime! #yesitsbright #yesiloveit
2. We bought a new mattress. With the back issues Josh has been having we figured it was high time. Our "old" one was only 5 years old but we didn't do enough research prior to purchasing. It was a single sided pillow top that just started to cave in. And since it was single sided it couldn't be flipped. Excited for our new one and got a great night's sleep last night!
3. We are in the middle of making a decision about Kindergarten. Yikes! Public, private, homeschool? A combo of any of the above? I'll keep you updated!

4. Had some sweet friends visit last weekend! We were glad we finally found some time to connect and it was great to spend a few days together. The kids enjoyed each other's company!
5. I had my roots touched up, chopped off 2.5 inches, and found my "forever" hair lady! Score! It's almost been a year of trying salons, going to a beauty college, and finally settling on someone I trust my hair with. Please allow me to apologize for the last 10 months while my hair switched hands so many times!!

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