High Five for Friday

These last twoweekshavebeenneverending. Ugh.

1. I am tired. The end. 

2. We have been sick since September 1st. That's nearly 3 weeks. I'm done and in desperate need of a vacation (Gulf Coast here we come!). Except vacay with kids isn't really a vacation. The stomach virus and strep are no joke. 

3. Josh hasn't been off since last Tuesday. A week ago. His new schedule changes his off days every week. This week it just happened to have 10 days between off days. oyyyyyy. (and I know there are people who go MONTHS without an off day.) 

4. Now I feel whiny. Sorry about that. 

5. Emberly started to walk. My life as I knew it is officially over.

Ok for the REAL H54F!
1. Our pool is open til the end of September. So we'll swim until we can't. ;) Even if I'm chilly in jeans. It doesn't even phase the little man!
2. 1 word. Diva. She begged for me to pick her up and then reached with every bit of strength for my blush brush and began to apply it to herself. I'm in trouble!
3. If we're being honest, I'm a little thrilled that she's actually paying attention to the TV. What is it about Elmo?! This is the first time she's ever stopped to actually watch something on TV. And the break was niiiiiiiice.
4. Yep I'm *that* crazy mom who takes her kid to urgent care at 7pm on a Friday night to find out "nothing is wrong". 3 negative strep tests all to find out after 5 days of a fever that he has strep. Who's large and in charge NOW? ;) Moral of the story: If you know somethings "off", keep seeking answers. Don't be afraid to stand up to the doctor. YOU know your baby. (and YES you can have strep without a sore throat!)
5. I just couldn't resist adding this one. I just can't get over how big she is *sniff*.
I am getting things done from my list at the beginning of this month! I'll have a few things to update next week! 

By the way my shop is on vacation so I can catch up and spend some time with my family. It'll be back soon!

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