Can I get a do-over? October goals.

I posted my October goals here. Can I just say that the month of October FLEW by? Oh my gosh. I don't feel like I got nearly as many things done as I wanted to get done. But I still somehow felt productive?

This season is my embroidery busy season. Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. just makes things extra hectic so maybe I was a little ambitious? We did have a nasty stomach bug this month and Emmie is suffering from allergies = no sleep for anyone.

1. I listed my bucket list in my original goals. Out of 5 things, I got ONE done. ONE. We went to an apple orchard. It was the perfect weekend for it and the kids had a great time. It was an amazing weekend!
I also wanted to carve a pumpkin, craft with fallen leaves, take out Christmas card picture, and make pumpkin bread. To my defense we HAVE our pumpkin and I want it to last a little longer (closer to Thanksgiving), Emmie got to craft with fallen leaves at her pumpkin patch at school, I have contacted THREE photographers and cannot find one to do a mini session for a decent price, and I was so busy making things with the 15lbs of apples we got that pumpkin bread was the last thing on my mind. Oh and it's still EIGHTY DEGREES. Ugh! Haha! So there is my list of reasons of why I got ONE thing done. 

2. Finish our stairs. We are SO CLOSE! The weekends have felt short and we have had 2 sick weekends this month. 

4. Swagbucks- I wanted to earn enough for a $70 gift card. I got $50 instead which isn't bad! I am pleased with that and have already begun Christmas shopping! I'd love another $50 this month!

5. I wanted to make an extra machine payment- which I did not do. BUT I did put that amount of money into another business opportunity that I am excited about. More to come in the next few months! I felt that the cost was worth the payoff, so I am ok with that!

6.  Relisten to "Goodbye Survival Mode" by Crystal Paine. I got about half way through! So I am still going. 

So all that to say, I have many loose ends to tie up this month and am excited about finishing what I have started! 

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