1. Fall Bucket List: Apple Orchard, carve a pumpkin, craft with fallen leaves, take our Christmas card picture, bake pumpkin bread.

2. Finish our stairs. I shared that we were working on our basement staircase here. We are currently in a standstill because we don't love how the stain is taking to the wood. We have bought stripper (that was awkward) and we will see how that works. Seriously I can't recover. My point is, we need to decide whether to continue with the stain or swap the look all together.

3. I shared about how I was able to snag $60 in Home Depot gift cards to jump start our kid's room redecorating project. I am excited to get going and I honestly think choosing a paint color this month and purchasing supplies will be a win! Maybe I'll share an inspiration post with the direction we are headed for our kid's shared bedroom?

4. Speaking of swagbucks- I have a goal to fund our Christmas through swagbucks gift cards. Having earned $60 in a month of barely trying, I think setting a goal for the kids of $200 by Christmas would be fantastic. I would need to do $70 a month to surpass that goal (and I have $20 sitting in my account currently) so $50 more dollars this month!

5.  Make an extra machine payment. I am currently paying on my embroidery machine that cost me the price of a small car. I got a 0% financing deal for 4 years which is GREAT but of course I'd love to have it paid off sooner! We have decided that while we want to buy a new home, we are committed to paying off our debt first and this is part of our debt (well my debt). So #goals.

6. Re-listen to Crystal Paine's Goodbye Survival Mode. I took major advantage of a free 3 month trial of Audible these past few months and have loved it way more than I thought. Grabbing her book was almost an afterthought. But I am SO GLAD I DID. My goal this month is to re-listen to it. It was seriously that good. Also if you haven't tried Audible, click here for a free 30 day trial.

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